Become a UX Engineer by Mastering These 3 Skills

If you’re a UX engineer, you’re expected to be good at everything.

Your team will expect you to design and build prototypes. They’ll count on you for advice on complex user interactions. And they’ll look to you for ideas on improving conversion rates.

ux engineer

Want to become a UX developer? Here are 3 skills UX engineers need to master:

UX Design

UX engineers need a basic understanding of UX design and user research. Knowing how to understand users’ needs and design products that meet them is a key part of being a UX dev. Want to learn? Here are 3 Fantastic UX Design Course Options.

Front-End Programming

UX engineers create prototypes and implement finished features. At a minimum, you’ll need to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

It might also be helpful to know how to set up a cheap web server like Bluehost.

Growth Hacking

UX developers are expected to help improve conversion rates and drive product growth. Namely, they’re expected to be growth hackers.

Next Steps to Become a UX Engineer

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